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Charlie Tong



Charlie Tong



Charlie Tong


A Colourful Collection by Charlie Tong 850mm x 850mm



Peninsula Foreshore by Charlie Tong




Charlie Tong

An engineer, Chinese born Charlie Tong began painting just eight years ago when he moved to Australia and is the newest name on the scene to watch.

Although he has only entered art shows in the last year, not surprisingly he has already won a number of awards, including a highly commended at the Camberwell Art Show. Despite portraiture being his favorite subject he is willing to travel throughout the country to find novel land and seascapes to paint. As of December 2003 Charlie decided to commit himself to pursue his painting as a full time career and in doing so is expanding his knowledge, experience and profile as an artist. Charlie exhibits at Flinders and Sorrento Fine Art Galleries on the Mornington Peninsula..




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